Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yacon syrup: properties and ways to get it

Ideal to accompany different diets It is highly demanded for its properties as a natural food and medical. Also, the presentation in the form of honey is one of the most sought after. Yacon syrup Kaita the exquisite yacon syrup is made from pure extract of yacon and concentrated at high temperatures. It is an excellent complement to different diets, for example to accompany breads or biscuits for breakfast or snack. The yacon syrup has medicinal, being ideal for diabetics. It also prevents colon cancer and controls blood pressure. In addition, their consumption is recommended in people that they need to follow diets to lower weight and for those who suffer intestinal problems. Oligofructans of yacon are within the group "Prebiotics", sugars that are not digested by the enzymes, transported in that way to the colon, human. There are assimilated by the intestinal microflora, especially by bifidobacterium and lactobacillus species, promoting the conditions for the maintenance of a balanced intestinal flora. Currently, the yacon syrup experiences a growing demand in the market for natural products internationally. Some of the brands that sell it are: Kaita, Inka completo Healthy Products and Kuka Peru. These brands offer the possibility of purchasing the product via the Internet, receiving it in the comfort of home from different parts of the world.
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