Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yacon syrup: a powerful natural sweetener

It is a powerful natural sweetener and acts against colon cancer Want to get yacon syrup and test their powerful properties?. Find out in this article about their features and where to get it. Yacon syrup The health care is an increasingly important global concern. Today, there is a marked trend towards the consumption of healthy, low-calorie foods, along with a greater preference in large sectors of the population, natural products. Starting yacon fruit yacon syrup is made, which is a sweet concentrate that acts as a sweetener, but without causing the negative effects of sugar. Their high FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), allows yacon syrup is used by the food industry as a low calorie sweetener, and promote, among other things, the restoration of the intestinal microflora. Moreover, yacon syrup gov helps stimulate the growth of bacteria known as the bifidobacteria, that can regulate other bacteria that are responsible for the putrefaction of waste in the large intestine. Through the bifidobacteria concentration of toxins will be lower and therefore decrease the risk of a colon cancer occurs. Several brands that sell yacon syrup, allowing the management of its purchase by . the web Some of them are: Payqu , Inka's Healthy Products and Peruvian Heritage .Loss weight pills reviews

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