Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cocktail of yacon: nature that inspires

Nature inspired

The natural flavor of the yacon applied to an exotic drink, to dive a little in the American past.

This Andean fruit of subtle flavor, halfway between the PEAR and peach, which can be turned into juice or jam. Its dried leaves, meanwhile, it is possible to prepare tasty teas, that particularly conspicuous by its aromatic potential.

In this case, we present a spirited cocktail in which the yacon stands as the star of the beverage, taking him to live new sensations. Let's try it!.


2 medium-sized yacones.

Juice of 6 oranges.

Ice to taste.

A measure of burning water craft.


After leaving the yacones Sun, peel them and chop them.

Then along with the orange juice and ice, place in Blender for 1 minute. It is important to note that the mixture of yacon and oranges should be instant, since yacon is oxidized on contact with air, as is the case with Apple.

Then, add the corresponding measure of artisanal hot water and mix.

The resulting cocktail will combine, in an almost magical way, the power of hot water with soft natural flavour of yacon. Do you think that you cannot miss the chance to drink something?.

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